Simplify Your Home Sale.

Your home could be sold by tomorrow.

How It Works

Request an Offer

3 minutes is all you need to complete an offer request at

Your Offer is Prepared

In the next 24 hours, our home pros will prepare and email a home offer for you using the data you provide, market trends, and comparable sales near you.

Review and Accept the Offer

Click on the link provided in your email to review the offer. The sales price and fees are clearly defined so you know just how much you will receive for your home. Click the button under the offer to Accept or Decline the purchase offer from your secure online purchase portal.

Sign the Purchase Agreement

Once you accept your offer, the purchase agreement will be emailed to you. Simply sign the DocuSign agreement, and we get the ball rolling to purchase your home.

Simple Inspection

Before closing, we will set up and pay for a simple home inspection. If repairs are required, there are a few options, the simplest of which is to opt for us to make the repairs and deduct the cost from the price of the home.

Pick a Closing Date

We give you the flexibility you need. Pick your closing date, as soon as 3 days away, to ensure you have the time you need to prepare for your move.

Sign and Collect

All that’s left is to close, sign, and collect your money. Simplest and fastest home sale ever. We guarantee it.

Sell your home without ever listing.

There’s no need to find a real estate agent, renovate your house, or let strangers tour your home. With Simple Offer, we can make a cash offer to buy your house within 24 hours.